The Independent Comix Expo (aka ICE)

 is a small press exposition in Cedar rapids, Iowa.

The expo that is going back to basics, giving an opportunity for fans and local comic creators to interact.


Real Comics for real people.


April 27th 10am -5pm

NewBo City Market

1100 3rd St SE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52401




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is closed.

Special Guest

Eisner-nominee Phil Hester has been writing and drawing comics for some time. He has drawn Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow, Mark Millar’s Swamp Thing, Warren Ellis’ Shipwreck, Robert Kirkman’s Ant-Man, as well as runs on Nightwing, The Flash: Season Zero, Teen Titans, and many more. He currently draws Batman Beyond for DC and Shipwreck for Aftershock. Phil has written Wonder Woman, The Darkness,

Deathstroke, and his co-creations The Coffin with artist Mike Huddleston, and Firebreather with Andy Kuhn, which became an Emmy-winning feature on Cartoon Network. He currently writes Blood Blister for Aftershock.

Featured Creators

 Dylan Jacobson is an indie comic artist from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, even having his comic series Champions taking place there. He's drawn and written webcomics such as Tide That Returns, and This is My Private Life. Dylan has written for anthologies such as One Comic to Rule Them All, creating DinoBoy and Rex.

Gregg Paulsen is an artist from Davenport, Iowa who has been mulling around the Indie comics scene scene for over 20 years now starting out as an assistant to Phillip Hester( Green Arrow, The Flash ),  assisting in backgrounds and layouts of some of the books he has worked on, to a short stint of penciling a Dungeons & Dragons comic book in  early 2002 penciling various covers and books for Bluewater comics, his current project Ironclad, a hundred plus page graphic novel from committed comics a project 20 years in the making that he created Co created with Phillip Hester.

My name is Marc Von Ahnen and I am a comic book fan from Des Moines Iowa. I created a comic book as a homage to some of my favorite movies like Jaws or Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Dakrness. It is called Ahab Van Helsing vs Nosferatu Carcharodon. A comic about a vampire that gets eaten by a great white shark and becomes a vampire shark.

Simon Mitchell: Bad Sushi Cannon is a love letter in many ways to my youth in the 1980s. Our story is set some two hundred years into the future, in a sci-fi setting ripped from the pages of Red Dwarf and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a zany world, not at all too severe or serious, and we’ve had a lot of fun drawing the little incidental alien life forms and structures that make the Galaxy come to life. The aliens and heroes are a mixed bag of classic looking slime creatures from 1950s movies, anthropomorphic characters, inanimate objects and every once in awhile a secretive cameo from the comics and cartoons that inspired me. The story follows our three heroes, Captain Fang Foley, who is a consummate liar and swindler. Eddy Wong, who is just kind of wherever he is at the moment, listless and inebriated in space for as long as the booze lasts. Lastly the female crew member Samus, who has a short fuse but is also prone to swindling others out of money or property. These three characters are intergalactic repossession men, traversing the galaxy at the behest of their crooked boss, collecting cars, space vehicles, even sometimes living beings. This current arc sees our heroes traveling to the planet Earth to pick up the last two manatees left alive. Misadventures ensue!

 Sam Locke Ward comics: Futile Wrath/ Voyage Into Misery/ Big Pork/ Scumbag Grassley/ Beasts Of Heaven link: bio: Sam Locke Ward is a highly prolific longtime artist and musician from Iowa City. His work includes the long running comic strip Futile Wrath in Little Village Magazine as well as numerous DIY sci-fi and crime pulp comic-zines. As a musician he has released over 50 albums of weirdo left of center pop music.


 Steven Philip Jones is an American writer. His works include adaptations and original stories based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Canon, the horror-adventure comics series Nightlinger, the mystery novel King of Harlem, and the non-fiction books The Clive Cussler Adventures: A Critical Review and Comics Writing: Communicating with Comic Books.

A new writer in the industry, Jason Everett has been a comic book fan for thirty-five years.  After reading everyone else's stories for more than three decades, he feels that it's time to share his stories with everyone else.  Spanning all genres and pop culture influences, his stories will appeal to fans of Sci-fi, Superhero comics, Manga, vintage TV and 80s influences.  He spent twenty years in the restaurant industry, and now more than fifteen years in sales, this is a brand new journey for Jason.  He is currently working with P R Dedelis, a prolific artist in the independent comic scene, who has produced 1000s of pages of art, and is strongly influenced by the comic superstars of the late nineties and early aughts.  His work will amaze you!

 Hi i'm Gayne Darrow Jr. A graduate of the American Academy of Art I have worked on independent films as a storyboard artist and conceptual artist. I have self published five comic books, The Adventures of Theodore E. Bear, Alamo Buckaroo In the Last Song of Willow Spring, Alamo Buckaroo and The Phantom Princess, Prof. Fineas Hobbs' House of Oddities and Go, Go Monsuta...Attack! Along with a sketch/illustration book called GDJR Illustrations Volume 1. I work in pen & ink, watercolor and acrylic as well as creating illustrations on wood.

JetFalco: Artist, Writer, Composer, and Creator of DreamersEcho: A sci-fi/fantasy adventure comic set in a desolate world where people were robbed of their powerful dreams, a young man awakens from a vision of a devastating future. Could this be the coming of the first nightmare? Each volume of DreamersEcho comes with an all-original soundtrack of epic background music to listen to as you read for a truly immersive comic experience! Volume 1 is available now and volume 2 was just released! Also available are: original art prints, posters, postcards, stickers, buttons, keychains, and more! Pick yours up today!

Jonathan Sims is an artist, designer, comic creator, and illustrator living in Iowa City. Sims, a graduate of Coe College, has used his art and design skills in the professional world for over thirteen years. He has exhibited his work at many comic book conventions and has been a guest speaker at The National Czech and Slovak Museum, The Iowa City Public Library, The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and One Book Two Book, Iowa City’s children’s literature festival. Sims is currently the senior designer at Jonnie 5 Apparel, an Iowa City based screen printing and design firm.

Jon Lawrence has been creating comics for a number of years now, writing and drawing books such as "Wuzzgutt" and "Demon Wheat." His work has also been published in other publications such as Chainsaw Comics, Snuff Comix, and Dirty Bites. Jon is currently in the planning stages and hopes to self publish his graphic novel "The Phantasmanaut" some time in 2019.